If you are interested in joining the group, please spend some time investigating the opportunities below and then get in touch with Thibault to introduce yourself.

UROP and Final year projects

There are always a number of interesting projects available in the group. Undergraduate students interested in UROP should get in touch. MSci and MSc students (typically from Maths or Physics) are encouraged to apply to the projects which are advertised by the deparment. Depending on the nature of the project, the student may be co-supervised by a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow in the group. Depending on the background and research interests of the student but also the duration of the project, they can be any mix of numerical and analytical work. Motivated students on long projects will be encouraged to pursue the publication of their novel results. UROP and Final year students will be fully integrated in the group and are expected to attend and contribute to our weekly group meetings.

Mary Lister McCammon Summer Research Fellowship

To help tip in the right direction the gender imbalance in mathematics, we are proud participants in the Mary Lister McCammon Summer Research programme spearheaded in the Department of Mathematics. The Mary Lister McCammon Summer Research Fellowships give an opportunity for female student in mathematics in their penultimate year of university to spend the summer working on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member of the department. In essence, this is a chance to try out being a PhD student for the summer, and to gain the research experience which will make your PhD application more competitive. During the summer, fellows are also offered guidance on how to go about applying for a PhD and communications training. In addition to your research project, you will have the opportunity to gain insight from current PhD students into what doing a PhD is actually like, and you'll receive a briefing on how to go about applying for a PhD and the PhD programmes and funding streams which are available.

PhD at Imperial

Students interested in joining the group for their PhD are encouraged to reach out. Every year, a number of interesting PhD projects are available. A PhD may be co-supervised by a collaborator at Imperial or outside. Most PhD projects will have numerical and analytical components but they can also draw on experimental data. PhD students are strongly encouraged to actively collaborate with our experimental collaborators. Our group is particularly interested in studying the stochastic dynamics of living and reactive systems as well as the dynamical and mechanical properties of soft and disordered materials. We usually cast our problems in the language of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and soft codensed matter physics. While sometimes the chemical/biological question serves as motivation to study a general question in non-equilibrium systems, some of our projects deal more clearly with the modelling of real systems. To get an idea of the type of research done in the group, perusing through the group's publications is a good idea.

PhD students will normally be hosted in Huxley (Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus) but will interact with friendly and very active groups of students via the Network of Excellence for the Physics of Life and the Center for Complexity Science.

Obtaining PhD funding is no easy task but students should consider applying to the doctoral programme directly with the Department of Mathematics at Imperial which funds a number of PhD scholarships every year (details can be found here). Timely applications will automatically be screened and (if eligible) considered for a number of funding schemes including:

There are also a number of citizenship specific scholarships to consider such as:

To enquire about available projects and funding opportunities, please email t.bertrand@imperial.ac.uk. We strongly encourage students to get in touch as early as a year ahead of the envisaged starting date (usually October).

Postdoctoral research at Imperial

There are no funded postdoctoral fellowship in the group at the moment but we are always looking to support strong candidates for postdoctoral fellowships applications including: