Bertrand Lab @ Imperial

Department of Mathematics. Imperial College London

Welcome to the Bertrand Lab @ Imperial!

We are based in the department of mathematics at Imperial College London. Employing analytical and computational tools from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, soft condensed matter physics and stochastic processes, our work finds applications in the physical, life and social sciences. Our research group is particularly interested in studying the stochastic dynamics of living and reactive systems. With the aim of shining some light on complex biological processes and discovering novel physics, our research combines the development of new analytical methods and the modeling of real systems, from the single agent scale (e.g., via random walk theory) to the level of collective and emergent behaviours in out-of-equilibrium and disordered systems (including for instance in tissue dynamics).


Mar 1, 2021 We are excited to welcome two new members of the group. Urte and Deepti are joining us for their MSc project. Urte will be studying the phase transitions in opinion formation in the presence of leaders and extremists groups, while Deepti will be studying the dynamics of paramecia. Lots of new exciting science coming our way!
Mar 1, 2021 Following our earlier works on the plasticity of emulsions subject to depletion attraction, in our latest paper we use functionalized emulsions as a model for cellular tissues and study the dynamics and mechanical response of this biomimetic system under flow. We show that adhesion acts as a trigger of droplet polarization shedding some light on the origin of polarization processes during morphogenesis.
Nov 1, 2020 Hailing from Bhopal, India, Shalabh is joining the group as a postdoctoral research associate. Shalabh will be working on very dense active matter; he will try to elucidate the difference between active jamming and glassy dynamics in active matter. Welcome Shalabh!
Oct 2, 2020 Shivan is joining the group for his final year MSci project. He will be using tools of empirical dynamic modelling to study interactions between species in a complex marine ecosystem. :tropical_fish: Welcome Shivan!
Oct 1, 2020 Welcome to Henry who is joining the group as a PhD student in the maths department! Originally from Cardiff, he recently graduated with an MSci in mathematics from Imperial. Henry will be working on minimal models of active matter with applications to bacterial colonies.
Sep 30, 2020 Congratulations to Eleni, Franck and Wan Ying who all graduated with their MSc in Applied Mathematics after sucessful socially distanced research projects! :scroll: